I am a big fan of green tea and I know all about its benefits for our body. To list only a few of them: weight loss, detox your body, treats headaches and it is good for your general oral hygiene. I have substituted the coffee from the coffee scrub with green tea for a long time and my skin looks even better! I also feel better using green tea as I know it has a lot more natural health benefits than coffee.

This green tea sugar scrub has so many benefits for your skin so I strongly recommend to try this simple and effective scrub.

Made with only 3 ingredients

You can use this as part of the anti-cellulite process we outlined in an earlier post as all scrubs can help minimise the appearence of cellulite and it also may be a lot less cheaper to make as these ingredients are always available for cheap in supermarkets and are normally always stocked in our kitchens!

If you haven’t realised already coconut oil and green tea – (tea or powder form) have amazing benefits and a lot of these natural diy beauty recipes normally contain one of these products so I would strongly recommend putting these on your shopping list if you haven’t done so already!

My skin felt amazingly soft and so moisturized after this scrub! I’m in love with Green tea even more so now! Let me know how it was for you!

Full recipe directions:Green tea sugar scrub