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Author: davecala

Steel City Renaissance: Where to Eat and Drink in Pittsburgh

The City of Bridges is in the throes of a full-on nose-to-tail, barrel-aged, small-plates culinary renaissance. And if you didn’t know it, yinz (that’s “you all” in Pittsburghese) probably don’t know anyone from there. Locals are as psyched about their stylish new cadre of chef-driven restaurants as they are about their Steelers. (Okay, almost.) And it’s about time that we all started paying attention, because once the Ace Hotel opens this winter, the secret will be officially out. Now is the time to determine how many types of charcuterie it’s possible to consume in a single weekend and to...

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DIY: Green Tea Sugar Scrub

I am a big fan of green tea and I know all about its benefits for our body. To list only a few of them: weight loss, detox your body, treats headaches and it is good for your general oral hygiene. I have substituted the coffee from the coffee scrub with green tea for a long time and my skin looks even better! I also feel better using green tea as I know it has a lot more natural health benefits than coffee. This green tea sugar scrub has so many benefits for your skin so I strongly recommend to try...

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Handmade Holidays: 5 DIY Green Gifts

Searching for small, thoughtful gift ideas? Here are 5 that are useful, seasonal and easy to make. 1. Holiday Potpourri, DIY from dandee 2. Paperwhites, DIY from Domaphile 3. Boiled Apple Cider Syrup, DIY from Reading My Tea Leaves 4. Homemade Pinecone Firelighters, DIY fom Kate’s Creative Space 5. Birdseed Ornaments, DIY from Saltwater...

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School Gardens to Blossom in Pittsburgh

GROW PITTSBURGH AND THE KITCHEN COMMUNITY TEAM UP FOR A SERIES OF LEARNING GARDENS AT PITTSBURGH-AREA SCHOOLS. by Hal B. Klein  April 14, 2016 photos courtesy of the Kitchen community This week, the Pittsburgh Public School Board gave the go-ahead for five “learning gardens” to be built on the grounds of the city’s schools. These gardens are the beginning of a partnership between local nonprofit Grow Pittsburgh and The Kitchen Community in Boulder, Colo. The two organizations plan on building at least 50 gardens at regional schools over the next few years. Pittsburgh Arsenal, Lincoln, Minadeo, Oliver Citywide and West...

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Renovated Cliffside Park Renamed to Honor August Wilson

THE PITTSBURGH PARKS CONSERVANCY UNVEILED THE NEW AUGUST WILSON PARK OVERLOOKING THE ALLEGHENY RIVER. THE PARK IS LOCATED AROUND THE CORNER FROM WILSON’S FORMER HOME IN THE HILL DISTRICT. by Brian Trimboli April 21, 2016   photos by brian trimboli The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy has renamed Cliffside Park in the Hill District as August Wilson Park. The honor comes less than a week before what would have been the Pittsburgh playwright’s 71st birthday. The name change also marks a series of nearly-complete renovations of the park, a project coordinated by Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, the private partner of Citiparks. August Wilson Park sits on...

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